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San Diego Trash Truck Accident Illustrates Danger for Pedestrians on Freeways

| Oct 30, 2014 | Firm News

Garbage Truck Accident on Interstate 8 in San Diego:

A garbage truck accident that occurred this morning in San Diego illustrates the dangers of pedestrians using highways or freeways.  A pedestrian was hit and fatally killed by a garbage truck on a freeway off ramp in the Sports Arena area, authorities said, as reported by Fox5 San Diego.  According to UT San Diego the victim was a 63 year old man.

The fatality was reported at 4:46 a.m. and occurred on the westbound Interstate 8 off ramp to Rosecrans Street, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Investigators said the truck was traveling at about 25 mph when it hit the pedestrian after the man walked into its path.  NBC San Diego reported the driver of the dump truck reported that he struck a pedestrian in the middle of the off ramp and was unable to avoid hitting the man.  Two cars behind the truck also ran over the man.  One report stated it was unclear if the pedestrian was in the road or was standing and crossing the road at the time of impact.  The man, who police said might have been a transient, was crossing West Camino del Rio near Moore Street when he was struck by a Republic Services truck as it was exiting westbound Interstate 8,

Pedestrians Accidents on Highway are Often Fatal:

This tragic truck accident illustrates the unsafe conditions that occur while using a freeway as a pedestrian. Pedestrian accidents on the freeway are often deadly due to the high speed of traffic and due to the fact drivers do not expect or anticipate encountering a pedestrian on the freeway.

What Should I Do If I Break Down – Avoiding a Pedestrian Accident:

If you break down on a freeway, highway or major roadway, always use extreme caution.  Here are a few tips from AAA of California:

1) Pull off the road. On most roads, you should exit onto the far right shoulder, however if you are driving on an interstate or multiple-lane highway with medians, you may consider the left shoulder, again pulling as far away from traffic as possible.  If you cannot pull off the road, use your emergency flashers. Do not risk personal injury by attempting to push it to a safe location.

2) Use Emergency Lights:  Turn on your flashers to alert other drivers. Do this as soon as possible to avoid another car hitting you or your vehicle.

3) Proceed with Caution:  If you get out of your vehicle, proceed carefully and watch for oncoming traffic, especially at night or in bad weather, when visibility
is limited.  If you choose to exit the vehicle, do so safely and well away from oncoming traffic and your vehicle. If possible, you and any passengers should exit through the side of the vehicle facing away from the road. In most cases, the passenger side of the vehicle allows for greater distance from oncoming traffic.

4) Don’t Stand Behind or Directly in Front of Vehicle:  Never stand behind or directly in front of your vehicle. Other roadway users may have trouble seeing you, and you could be struck by another vehicle causing serious personal injuries.