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Do I Have a Construction Defect Case When My Windows Leak?

| Oct 28, 2014 | Firm News

Do your windows leak and you want to recover the money necessary to repair your home? It often takes time for a homeowner in San Diego or Riverside to discovery window leaks because of the lack of rain we have in Southern California.  However, when window leaks occur, they are frequently one of the first construction flaws discovered by a homeowner. Evidence of a window leak may first manifest itself by the windows being fogged or stuck shut, or property owners may notice cracks in stucco or drywall around the windows.  The resulting water intrusion in to a home from improperly installed windows or a defective window product can prove extremely destructive and costly to repair.

Common window defects often include:

  • Leaks at corners, heads, or seal of the window
  • Defective sealant
  • Defective design or manufacture of the window
  • Waterproofing paper flashing or building paper that is incorrectly lapped or penetrated by nails or staples
  • Sheet metal missing
  • Improperly installed flashing around sills
  • Improperly installed stucco

Construction Defect Experts Can Evaluate Your Window Leak Case

There are multiple ways in which an experienced windows expert and construction defect attorney can evaluate whether you have a construction defect case and test your windows for leaks.  The first step is a visual site inspection of your home looking for evidence of damage to the areas surrounding the windows.  If warranted after a site inspection, the next step of testing to establish a window leak case is to “spray test” the windows in the home.  This occurs when a spray rack is set up to spray your windows with water, to replicate wind driven rain, the interior dry wall surrounding the window is removed, and then an expert looks for evidence of how water is leaking in to the home.

A window spray test can often establish who is at fault in a window leak case.  Window leak cases are often complicated as there are multiple parties that may have liability for damage caused to your home by defective installation of the window or manufacturer of the window such as: general contractor, sheet metal contractor, stucco contractor, framing contractor, or the window manufacturer.

Free Consultation With Experienced Construction Defect Attorney:

If you have experienced window leaks in your home or have other construction defects, our firm is available to help. We are available for a no cost site inspection of the property. If warranted, we also schedule a follow-up inspection with an expert.  Please note, there are statutory deadlines relating to your construction defect or window leak case so it is important to contact an attorney as soon as you see any evidence of a window leak or other damage to your home. Our office can prepare Calderon or SB 800 Notice to stop the running of your statute of limitations.  Contact our San Diego office at 619-512-5995 or our Riverside office at 951-200-4630.