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Anticipated Increase in Car Accidents Over Labor Day Weekend in San Diego

| Aug 29, 2014 | Firm News

The car accident lawyers of Martinez & Schill LLP in San Diego want to remind you to stay safe this holiday weekend.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego will be the No. 1 destination for Southern California travelers heading out of town this Labor Day weekend.  Therefore it is anticipated there will be a significant number of cars on San Diego roads and a higher number of car accidents.  The National Safety Council is reminding drivers to be extra cautious on the roadways this Labor Day weekend as it estimates approximately 400 people will be killed – and 42,300 more will be injured – in car crashes during the holiday weekend.

The Automobile Club of Southern California anticipates approximately 1.98 million travelers will be on the roads in Southern California,  the highest it has been since Labor Day 2008.  According to the Los Angeles Times, the freeways and boulevards should be crowded this weekend, with nearly 80% of local travelers — or about 2 million vacationers — planning to drive to their destinations.  The increase in cars on the road, coupled with lower gas prices than recent years will likely result over more car accidents over this holiday weekend.

Martinez & Schill LLP would like to remind our clients and friends to stay safe this Holiday weekend.

1)     Practice Patience in Traffic: If you can, avoid the roads.  If you go out, the San Diego police recommend to “pack your patience” while navigating the freeways and dealing with traffic, especially when driving to the beach.

2)     Don’t Drink and Drive:  Also, remember to drive with extreme caution due to an increase in drunk driver related car accidents.  San Diego police have indicated they will be increasing patrols looking for people who are intoxicated in public or behind the wheel. San Diego typically sees an increase in drunk driver related accidents over holiday weekends. According to the California Highway Patrol, last Labor Day weekend, 1,200 people were arrested for driving under the influence.

3)     Distracted Driving:  Remember distracted drivers are also a main cause of car accidents.  It is illegal to talk on a hand held cell phone or text while driving in California. Do your part and help keep the roads safe.

If you are in a car accident over Labor weekend and need immediate assistance, please contact our office at 951-200-4630, leave a message and a car accident attorney will promptly get back to you.  Martinez & Schill offers free legal consultation.  Stay safe on the roads of Southern California!