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Steps to Take if Your Property Experiences Construction Defects

| Jul 14, 2014 | Firm News

If you’ve experienced construction defects to your home, including water intrusion, roof leaks, or window leaks, within ten years of the completion of any construction or remodeling work, you may have a claim against the builder for construction defects.  Construction defects are considered a deficiency in the workmanship or design of a building or structure.  The most serious construction defects can cause the structure to fail and allow water intrusion into the building usually resulting in extensive damage. If you believe your home suffers from construction defects, you should take the following steps:

1) Call your Contractor:  If you experience a defect, such as a roof leak or window leak, you should first locate your contract documents and check to see if you have a warranty that may provide you with a remedy.  Also, some contractors are willing to come fix any problems as part of their customer service.  This applies to original owners as well as subsequent owners of property.  If the builder or contractor refuses or fails to make the necessary repairs, contact the experienced Riverside and San Diego construction defect attorneys at Martinez & Schill LLP

2) Adequately Document all Repairs:  Sometimes it is necessary to repair a roof leak or a window leak even if you know you have a claim against the original contractor.  Often window or roof leaks are bad enough and a temporary or even permanent repair is immediately necessary in order prevent further damage or mold infestation.  If you are faced with making emergency repairs, make sure you fully document and photograph the before, during and after repairs.  This is so that if litigation becomes necessary to recover the money you spent making repairs, the original contractor is less prejudiced by not having been able to see the defects prior to your making the repair and accusing you of covering up the construction defects.

3) Get a Free Evaluation from a Construction Defect Lawyer:  If you have exhausted all possible remedies and the contractor refuses to make repairs to fix your defective windows or leaking roof, call an experienced construction defect lawyer at Martinez & Schill LLP to provide you with a free consultation.  We have a team of construction experts at our disposal that will evaluate your home or property.  We have years of experience handling construction defect litigation in Southern California and will do our best to recover the compensation you deserve.  Contact us today! San Diego office: 619-512-5995 or our Riverside office 951-200-4630.