Examining the Common Causes of Truck Accidents

San Diego truck accident lawyersLarge, heavy, and difficult to stop, accidents with semi-trucks are often catastrophic. They are also likely to result in severe or fatal injuries for the victims involved. Sadly, many of them can be prevented. Learn more about the causes of semi-truck accidents, and how you may be entitled to compensation if you or someone you love has experienced an injury or fatality, with help from the following information.

Other Road Users a Common Cause

Perhaps one of the most disturbing statistics regarding truck accidents is the sheer number caused by other road users. Often unaware of the limitations of a semi, these drivers may:

  • Drive in the truck’s blind spot,
  • Move to the right of a truck trying to make a right turn,
  • Pull in front of the truck to merge into traffic,
  • Not accelerate quickly enough while merging into traffic in front of the truck,
  • Misjudge the truck’s approaching speed and try to cross or turn in front of it,
  • Abruptly change lanes in front of the truck,
  • Try to pass the truck and get caught in its crosswind,
  • Park a disabled vehicle without fully getting it onto the shoulder, and
  • Drive between large trucks.

In these types of accidents, the driver of the other vehicle may be considered negligent. Sadly, though, they may injure more than just themselves. The truck driver and other road users around the truck are also at risk. Should any of them experience injuries, the vehicle driver may be held liable. However, an investigation would need to be done to determine the direct cause and of the accident. Further, the driver of the truck may have also acted negligently, which creates yet another layer of complexity for injured victims.

When a Truck Driver is Negligent

Although commercial truck drivers are trained to safely maneuver through traffic, not all act responsibly. In fact, drunk and drugged driving are common issues. Distracted driving also occurs. Furthermore, the driver may have failed to follow basic safe driving rules, such as not practicing defensive driving, speeding, or not getting enough sleep. Health complications, such as sleep apnea may also be an issue. In such situations, victims may be eligible for compensation from the driver. Keep in mind, however, that an investigation may still be needed, and there may be other negligent parties involved (i.e. the trucking company, a loading company, etc.).

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