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The excitement of opening a bar, nightclub, purchasing a convenience store or starting your own brew pub, winery or catering company can fade away when faced with the reality of obtaining and complying with licensing issues. Very few law firms handle Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) and liquor licensing legal matters. At Martinez & Schill LLP, the San Diego liquor licensing attorneys practice specifically in the area of restaurants and hospitality and we can assist you in every possible liquor licensing scenario.

In California, the state’s Constitution grants Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) “exclusive power to license persons and premises involved in the manufacture, importation and sale of alcoholic beverages.” For many business owners, securing a liquor license is crucial if they are going to be successful in their ventures. It’s what many don’t know that can cause problems. Martinez & Schill LLP is a law firm committed to helping businesses secure proper liquor licensing so that they can operate their nightclubs, restaurants or wineries. Not only that, but once those licenses are secure, there are compliance considerations for keeping their licenses. If you’re unsure of what those compliance issues mean or how they may affect you, there’s a good chance you could jeopardize your entire business.

We understand the various regulations, what the forms mean, the deadlines and other rules. We have helped many business owners avoid the minefields that caused problems for others in the past. We help our clients with:

  • Escrow requirements for sale of license;
  • New Business obtaining Liquor License or Transfer of License;
  • Interface with local governmental agencies in negotiating conditions on licenses/permits;
  • License protest hearings;
  • Proper recording of intention notices (if applicable);
  • Securing proper seller’s permit;
  • License compliance; and
  • Violation hearings.

In some instances, when a business sells its nightclub or other business that is licensed to sell liquor, the new owner wants a smooth transition not only in the sale of the business, but securing his own licenses. Failure to do so could jeopardize an investment.

Additionally, in connection in licensing a business in a new location or one not used for the type of business, there may be local zoning requirements that could impact the use of the property. In such instance, our San Diego liquor licensing attorneys can assist you in your need for a Conditional Use Permit or Neighborhood Use Permit.

If you have been issued a violation, give us a call–we can help with resolving the issues and assist you in putting safeguards in to place so that you don’t face similar violations in the future.

Liquor Licensing Attorneys in California

If you’re preparing to begin the process of liquor licensing, we invite you to contact our liquor licensing attorneys today. Whether you are seeking a license for sale of alcohol at your liquor store (License 20/21), your restaurant (License 41/47), bar, tavern, nightclub, winery or brew-pub, we can help guide you through this potentially lengthy process in a timely and thorough manner. Few things are as frustrating as realizing you have missed an important element in the application process. We can ensure that does not happen. It can take months to secure a liquor license, everything you can do today in a proactive stance reduces the possibility of a reactive approach months from now. Contact us at 619-512-5995.

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