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Liquor License Protest Hearing Lawyers in Southern California

Whenever an individual or business files for a liquor license in California, any person has a right to protest the issuance of the license. When a protest is filed appropriately, the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) will then process the protest and move towards resolving the matter with both the applicant and the protestant. In general, the process to obtain a liquor license may take anywhere from three months to a year depending on whether it is an initial license or a transfer. Protested applications necessarily take longer.

Problems obtaining a liquor license can cost a business dearly. If you are dealing with protested liquor license application, the services of an experienced liquor license attorney can help resolve the matter more efficiently. At the San Diego restaurant and hospitality law firm of Martinez & Schill LLP, we are skilled in dealing with all issues pertaining to liquor licensing in California. Our San Diego hospitality industry attorneys know how to negotiate favorable resolutions for our clients so your business can move forward and focus on profits.

Handling Protested Liquor Licenses in San Diego

There are many reasons why someone might protest a liquor license application, and the first thing the ABC does is determine if the protest is valid. Frivolous protests can be resolved fairly quickly. There are several ways to resolve a liquor license protest that is determined to be valid. These include:

  • The applicant withdrawing the application. The applicant cannot file an application for another liquor license for the same premises within a year, however.
  • The protestant withdrawing the protest. This often occurs if operating restrictions are placed on the license that the protestant deems satisfactory.
  • A judge can decide the matter at an ABC Administrative Hearing subsequent to an ABC recommendation for or against approval.

A hearing is an opportunity for both sides to present their cases for why a liquor license should be issued or should not be. Scheduling and completing a hearing can take months, however. If the ABC recommended that the license be issued, an Interim Retail Permit may be obtained to allow the applicant to operate under a liquor license until the protest is resolved.

If your liquor license application is being protested, contact us> at 619-512-5995 to schedule a complimentary consultation and discuss how we can assist you. Our San Diego hospitality industry attorneys understand the California liquor licensing process inside and out, and we can guide you through any challenges. Our firm is located in downtown San Diego, and we work with bars, restaurant, hotels, nightclubs, liquor stores and other businesses throughout the area.

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