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Advertising is an essential component to the success of any business, including businesses in the hospitality industry. Securing the endorsement of a celebrity to promote your business has proven an effective marketing strategy. In order to use a celebrity’s name and likeness, however, legal permission is required. At the law firm of Martinez & Schill LLP, our San Diego hospitality industry lawyers assist business clients in negotiating the terms of a celebrity endorsement or artist performance and drafting the necessary contracts for authorization.

Securing Celebrity Endorsements in San Diego

Southern California has no shortage of celebrities, and many area businesses use celebrity endorsements to promote their establishment. Whether it is a celebrity guest hosting an event or an artist performing at your nightclub our attorneys can help. A celebrity’s name and likeness can be used in online promotions, print ads, TV and radio commercials, billboards, and a variety other advertising media. Bars and nightclubs often use celebrity appearances to attract patrons as well. Regardless of how a celebrity endorsement fits into your marketing strategy, a signed endorsement agreement is needed to protect all parties. Endorsement contracts address numerous issues including but not limited to:

  • The geographical scope of the marketing campaign (local, regional, national, international);
  • What types of media will be used (TV, print, etc.);
  • The duration of the endorsement deal (long-term vs. short-term);
  • Restrictions for endorsements of or appearances at competing establishments;
  • Termination provisions (morality clauses, etc);
  • Out clauses for the celebrity;
  • Financial compensation (fixed fee, payments tied to appearance days, percentage of revenue, bonuses, etc);
  • Travel arrangements (including expense budgets, hotel preferences, and transportation); and
  • Confidentiality provisions (relating to both the contract and inside business information).

Celebrity endorsement contracts can become extremely complex and often involve minute details such as the type of food in an event green room. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators and contract lawyers skilled in drafting contracts that address all necessary details. Our San Diego hospitality industry lawyers are also prepared to handle any contract disputes that may arise with the celebrity down the road through negotiation, arbitration, mediation or litigation.

If you are interested in obtaining a celebrity endorsement or need assistance finalizing an endorsement contract, contact us at 619-512-5995 to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs. Our office is located in downtown San Diego and we work with restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs, and other restaurant and hospitality businesses throughout the area.

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