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California car accidents, San Diego personal injury attorneysAs a driver in California, you might not think that the winter brings hazardous conditions that can lead to a car accident. While your friends and relatives in other parts of the country battle snow, ice, and heavy freezing rain, you enjoy moderate temperatures and year-round sunshine. But do not let the mild weather lull you into the mindset that you cannot be involved in an accident because of the weather. In November 2015, a severe dust storm caused a 20-car accident in the San Joaquin Valley. Earthquakes, flooding, wildfires and even landslides can also put you and your passengers in danger on California roadways.

Car accidents happen in California and throughout the United States every day. These accidents can be attributed to a variety of causes, such as drunk driving, distracted driving, failure to obey the speed limit and other posted traffic warnings, and pedestrian or driver error. Weather can also be a factor in a car accident, either on its own or alongside another contributing cause. No matter what caused your accident, you could be entitled to monetary compensation for your losses through a personal injury claim. Find out more about this possibility by working with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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San Diego car accident lawyerWhen you are involved in a car accident, your first priority should be to seek medical attention for your injury. Even if you do not feel like you have been injured or you know your injury is fairly minor, get yourself to a doctor within a reasonable period of time and have him or her examine you for any injuries. This is important for a few reasons, all of which can affect your physical and financial recovery should you decide to file a car accident claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

Only after you have received appropriate medical care should you think about seeking financial compensation for your losses through a personal injury claim. When you are at this stage, contact an experienced car accident attorney to discuss your case and determine the right legal strategy for your specific situation. Until then, keep the following in mind as you work through your diagnosis and treatment and move on your path towards recovery.

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Although parents do their best to make the home safe for their children, it is challenging to completely eliminate the risk of an accident or injury. For a small child, the weight of a dresser or a television can be deadly. However, according to a recent news report by The Philadelphia Inquirer, experts say tip-overs are almost entirely preventable, with more attentiveness, government regulation, and involvement and cooperation from manufacturers.

You can take steps to make your home safer. Follow all manufacturer's safety instructions and when possible, keep all heavy and dangerous objects out of your child's reach. Keep yourself updated about any recalls that are issued for the child and infant products that you own. If an item in your household is recalled, follow the manufacturer's instructions to repair or replace it. Your parental vigilance can save your child's life.

This became a hot topic when IKEA issued a safety warning for its popular Malm dressers. The children's dressers, which are available in both three, four, and six-drawer models, have been responsible for two children's deaths in the United States. In both cases, the dressers tipped over and crushed the victims. IKEA and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have also received 14 reports of tip-over accidents involving Malm dressers. In four of these reports, the child was injured. Since 1989, IKEA has received three other reports of children's deaths caused by accidents involving their products.

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A recent study from The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that more Americans, primarily middle-aged and older men, are riding bicycles than in previous decades. In the face of the United States’ obesity and energy crises, this is a great thing. But with more Americans riding bicycles, more Americans are falling victim to collisions and other types of bicycle accidents, suffering injuries as a result. These injuries range from fairly minor, such as sprains and small cuts, to major and even life-threatening. From 1998 to 2013, the frequency of bicycle injuries per 100,000 adults increased by 28 percent from 96 to 123. Hospitalizations following bicycle injuries increased by 120 percent, from 5.1 per 100,000 adults to 11.2.

In many cases, an accident is not entirely the bicyclist's fault. The bicyclist might hold some of the responsibility for an accident or be completely innocent, injured by another party's negligence. In any case where a bicyclist is injured partially or wholly because of another party's negligence or reckless behavior, that bicyclist may possibly seek monetary compensation for injuries through a personal injury claim. This type of claim is typically an insurance claim filed with the negligent party's insurance provider, seeking coverage for economic losses associated with the victim's injury. These losses can include his or her hospital bills, doctors’ visits and medication costs, lost wages due to time spent out of work, and any necessary disability aids he or she might need temporarily or permanently, such as a mobility scooter.

San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

San Diego car accident attorneys

One of the greatest hazards on our roadways today is distracted drivers. The number of drivers who are text messaging, talking, and using the internet on their phones while driving has increased tremendously over the past decade, prompting the creation of new anti-texting laws and public awareness campaigns.

Despite these laws and public campaigns, thousands of drivers continue to use their smart phones while driving. In 2012, 421,000 people were injured in car accidents and 3,328 people were killed in collisions involving distracted drivers. Smart phone use while driving not only takes a driver's hands off his or her steering wheel, it also takes his or her eyes off the road and his or her mind off the task of operating the car, thereby increasing the risk of a car accident.

Part of what makes distracted driving so prevalent is the lack of knowledge among drivers about what is and is not legal to do behind the wheel. Do not be one of these drivers. Read on to find out which smart phone uses are illegal for the state of California drivers so you know which to avoid.

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