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After reaching a record low in 2009, the number of fatal crashes involving large commercial trucks has risen in recent years. In 2013, the number of people who died in trucking accidents was 14 percent higher than it was in 2009.

This has been partially attributed to the lower overall number of truck drivers on the road. According to the American Trucking Associations, the trucking industry has approximately 30,000 fewer drivers than it needs to operate smoothly. Many companies did not fully recover from the 2008 recession and are finding that as older truck drivers retire, there are not enough new drivers to fill the positions they leave open. With fewer drivers available, companies are assigning the remaining drivers more hours, pushing them beyond a safe number of hours and increasing their risk of being involved in collisions.

If you are involved in an accident involving a commercial truck and suffer injuries as a result, you might have grounds to seek a personal injury claim. When you file a personal injury claim, you typically seek monetary compensation for the costs associated with your injuries, such as your medical bills and lost wages due to time spent out of work. Do not ignore your right to file a claim – if you have been injured in any type of accident, do not allow yourself to suffer the financial and physical consequences. Contact an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney to file a claim and seek the compensation you deserve.

San Diego traumatic brain injury lawyer

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyers

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the Defense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment (DANA) for launch earlier this year. The DANA is a mobile phone application designed for doctors and other medical care providers to use to identify traumatic brain injuries in patients. This app can identify a brain injury in as little as five minutes.

Quick detection of a traumatic brain injury can mean the difference between making a full recovery and suffering from a significant disability or death from the accident.

How DANA Works

DANA is available on multiple platforms. It makes the detection of brain injuries easy and user friendly by working like a video game, having patients engage in exercises that measure reaction time, speed, and accuracy of movement and decision-making.

San Diego CA dog bit attorneys

The decisions you make after being injured in a San Diego dog attack can affect your ability to recover fair compensation for your injuries. Below is a general guideline from our San Diego dog bite lawyers on what to do after an animal attack.

1. Get to a Safe Place and Check for Injuries

After being attacked by a dog it is important to get to a safe place out of harm’s way and evaluate your injuries. Often dog bites cause significant injury and require immediate medical attention. Make sure to call 911 if it is a life threatening injury. After you are safe and have received medical treatment, here are a few steps to consider to protect your legal rights.

2. Obtain Important Information About the Dog and Owner

It is important to identify the type of dog, owner of the dog and where the dog lives. It is also important to document where the dog attacked you. All of this information is relevant to establish who is legally responsible for the dog that attacked you.

San Diego truck accident lawyer

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were nearly 700 large truck fatalities and another 25,000 injuries resulting from large truck accidents in 2012.  Accidents involving large trucks can often be traumatic causing personal injuries, vehicle damage and other accident-related costs that can last far beyond the time of the initial collision. Although every accident is different, accidents involving commercial trucks are significantly different from car accidents. The differences between truck accidents and car accidents can differ in terms of financial liability, the injuries sustained in the truck accident as well as the driver’s experience and responsibility.

1. Financial Liability

In a standard car accident situation, the drivers are required to exchange their personal information and insurance information so that a claim can be processed.  In trucking accidents, the truck driver can be held liable, but the trucking company can also be held liable for a truck accident.  Trucking carriers often maintain traffic reports, log books and equipment checks which should all be analyzed for important information.  If a trucking carrier company does not follow federal regulations should be held responsible when a truck accident causes serious injury or wrongful death.

San Diego defective product lawyer

In an investigation of recalled products last November, ABC News found that a typical product recall only recovers five to 20 percent of affected products. With hundreds of products recalled every year, it is very likely that you have a dangerous or defective product somewhere in your home.

Having dangerous products in your home does not make you an irresponsible consumer or careless in any way. It can be extremely difficult to stay constantly updated about current recalls and to return or repair every single piece you come across. However, there are ways you can protect yourself and your family from defective and dangerous products, whether they have been officially recalled or not.

Manufacturers of consumer goods have what is known as product liability. This means that they are responsible for the damages caused by their products. If you are injured because of a dangerous or defective product, you may be able to file a product liability claim against its manufacturer and receive monetary compensation for your injury.

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