Case Results

  • $2,650,000

    Fall from 30’ overpass resulting in spinal fractures, wrist fracture, pelvis fracture, hip injury and mild traumatic brain injury

  • $1,840,000

    Wrongful Death of Child Resulting from a Drowning at a Hotel Swimming Pool

  • $1,625,000

    Mild traumatic brain injury caused by poolside basketball hoop falling at a hotel resort

  • $1,000,000

    Farming Accident Causing Loss of Sight in Child (policy limits)

  • $300,000

    Trip and Fall over a Wheel Stop in Parking Lot Causing Back Pain and Concussion

  • $300,000

    Motorized Scooter Accident at Casino Causing Fractured Pelvis and Shoulder (policy limits)

  • $300,000

    Knee surgery resulting from dangerous condition at backyard party (policy limits)

  • $222,500

    Taxicab vs Pedestrian Accident Causing Fractured Tibia, Fibula and Ankle

  • $150,000

    Sexual Assault at a Mobile Home Park Causing PTSD

  • $120,000

    Breach of Habitability Case at Mobile Home Park

  • $105,000

    Trip and Fall over a Wheel Stop in Parking Lot Resulting in Wrist Surgery

  • $100,000

    Low-Speed Impact Car Accident Resulting in Herniated Disc in Neck (policy limits)

  • $100,000

    Individual Struck by Open Car Door Resulting in Shoulder Surgery (policy limits)

  • $92,000

    Dog Bite Victim Resulting in Surgery to Release Trigger Finger

  • $65,000

    Slip and Fall at Grocery Store causing shoulder and knee injuries

  • $50,800

    Car Accident Resulting in Severe Whiplash

  • $50,000

    Car Accident Resulting in Neck and Back Pain (policy limits)

  • $50,000

    Pedestrian Struck by Car Resulting in Wrist Surgery (policy limits)

  • $50,000

    Car Accident Resulting in Exaggeration of Prior Traumatic Brain Injury (policy limits)

  • $50,000

    Car Accident Resulting in Wrist injury and Bladder Injury from Seatbelt (policy limits)

  • $45,000

    Car Accident Resulting in Facial Fracture and Knee Pain

  • $40,000

    Car Accident Causing Inflammation of Chiari 1 malformation and Fainting Spells

  • $40,000

    Motorcyclist Hit in Intersection Resulting in Broken Wrist

  • $35,000

    Multi-Vehicle Collision Resulting in Significant Neck Pain

  • $35,000

    Slip and Fall at Major Retailer Resulting in Dislocated Patella

  • $34,330

    Rear-End Accident by Drunk Driver Resulting in Whiplash Injury

  • $25,000

    Rear-End Accident Causing Severe Whiplash (policy limits)

  • $20,000

    Negligent Supervision Alleged Against Parents of Minor that Assaulted a 17-year-old Girl

  • $18,000

    Burn Injury Sustained After Negligently Performed Eye-Brow Wax

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